About Boxbuddy



BoxBuddy.co was launched in 2020 by founder and President, Mark Arvanigian (pictured to the left). Our warehouse and operations are based in Hubbardston, Massachusetts USA and we provide our customers with a quality selection of sustainable gaylord boxes, pallets, and more. Our pallets and boxes carry YOUR products safely and reliably to where they need to go. We’re extremely proud to say that all of our products are made right here in the USA. 

Now let’s be real for a minute. Corrugated boxes and pallets are not the most glamorous items in the world. We’re not going to be the next Tesla or Amazon and we don’t have a skybox at Fenway Park. What we do have is a commitment to our customers to deliver the best gaylord boxes and pallets in a timely and cost-effective manner. We have a great team of warehouse staff that will answer your questions quickly and with a smile, working hard to deliver on our word, earn your trust, and repeat business. 




We strive to ensure that you are provided with an experience that is focused on your needs and the materials that will drive the delivery of your products.



We work to deliver on our word and on time with our robust systems that serve our customers.



We want to get away from the mess of filtering through product attributes and create an easy, simple way to find the boxes and supplies you need for your business.

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