*Used* Banded Double Wall Gaylord Box

This box is originally used for packaging meat products. Because of this, it is a cheap, durable box to be used for getting rid of debris, trash, and junk. It is octagonal and fits on a 39" x 39" pallet. It is reinforced by 5 plastic bands and can support heavy outwards pressure. Since these boxes are used and gathered in bulk, the heights may vary between 38" and 42".

This item is available in stacks of 40 or a 1 box sample.  Each box is priced at $17.00 each.

*Used* Banded Double Wall Gaylord Box Features

  • 38" and 42" height (varies box to box)
  • 38" diameter
  • Double-wall corrugated
  • Banded with 5 plastic bands
  • 40 flat stacked boxes on a pallet

Please contact us for custom orders.

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